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Travelling With Electronic Devices Containing Lithium Batteries

19 may 2023

In previous articles, we have discussed the dangers associated with lithium batteries and the proper way to store and dispose of them. Since electronic devices are an integral part of our daily lives and the hazards of lithium batteries will not disappear during transport, in today’s blog, we will discuss how to transport them in compliance when travelling or shipping.

Sending Electronic Devices by Mail

Lithium batteries, and all devices that contain them, are regulated in transport, whether by land, sea or air. It is therefore important to know the regulations associated with them. If you need to send a device containing a lithium battery, your package will be a dangerous good and you will have to follow the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations and make sure to follow the instructions for packaging, labelling, and documentation. To know the regulations and make shipments in full compliance, you must have completed a TDG training and have a valid certificate. Any undeclared dangerous goods make you liable to a fine from Transport Canada.

Travelling With Your Electronic Devices

When travelling by plane with your electronics, there are certain rules to follow. For spare batteries or power bank, they must be put in your carry-on baggage. You also need to make sure to protect them from short circuits. When it comes to portable electronic devices, it’s best to pack them in your carry-on baggage. If you decide to carry them in checked baggage, you will need to take steps to prevent the device from being damaged. You will also need to turn off the device (no sleep mode or hibernation). If you have e-cigarettes or other vaping devices, they need to be in your carry-on baggage only. You need to make sure to prevent accidental activation. It is also forbidden to charge them on board the aircraft.

In conclusion, by failing to declare your electronic devices during shipping or by not following the rules when travelling by air, you not only expose yourself to fines, but you also put your life and the lives of other passengers at risk.

Please contact 450 906-6999 for any training request concerning the shipment of lithium batteries whether for land (TDG), sea (IMDG) or air (IATA) transport.

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