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Why should you consider our SDS software for your regulatory affairs and occupational health and safety?


Because it is the best Cloud software for Safe Storage of dangerous materials, Management and Authoring SDS.

  • The only software tought and created by chemists for the safety of every worker handling chemicals.
  • The most complete database in the market.


• Adapted to your reality


No need to install software!

With an online portal accessible 24/7 on a secure server, you get online access through a personal account ensures compatibility regardless of the computer used.

Fully modular, our software will adjust to your reality to meet a multitude of your regulatory needs bringing to the market of your chemical products in full compliance.

If your needs change, adding features is easy.

Our different independent but interrelated modules will save you valuable time and allow you to have all your documents in one place.


· Reduce the risk of non-compliance


Whether your needs are authoring:


  • SDS Safety Data Sheets
  • WHMIS labels
  • SDS and USA labels, OSHA
  • WPL workplace labels
  • Consumer label according to CCCR
  • Consumer label according to CPSC


It will be easy to produce these documents quickly in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

These documents are fully compliant for Canadian markets according to the Hazardous Products Regulations HPR (SOR/2015-17) and according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA of the United States.

In addition, if you produce chemicals for the Canadian consumer market, your products will be subject to the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations. Your consumer labels will be produced in just a few clicks, all in accordance with CCCR. Not only will the software create your label, but it will simultaneously produce the checklist required by Health Canada.

Do you also sell your consumer products in the United States under the Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC regulations?

Our software also has a specific module for this American regulation.

You can produce your labels either just in English or in English and Spanish or just in Spanish.

Do you also sell your products in Europe? Our software can generate SDS and labels for you in accordance with European GHS standards versions 7 and 8.

Six languages are available:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Dutch


  • Be autonomous


Tired of software that generates approximate Safety Data Sheets?

Flexible, our writing module leaves full control to the writer since all the fields are editable, which makes it possible to obtain coherent documents. Our classification tools and databases are validated by experienced chemists to guarantee absolute quality. Databases are available with several of our packages, allowing quick and easy writing of your safety data sheets, but also your WHMIS labels and your consumer products. Our software will also help you to make your classification for the Transport of dangerous goods of section 14 of the SDS, FDS.


  • Your SDS / FDS / Labels accessible at all times


24/7 online access and our continuous updates will ensure your documents are compliant anytime, anywhere.

No maintenance or additional costs for updates!

Got a surprise government audit? In one click, the Kalium software generates all the reports necessary to justify your classifications.


  • Save time and resources


The complexity of the regulations and the many changes have made it increasingly easy for knowledge gaps and imprecision to appear or for key information to be lost.

Unfortunately, this can lead to costly product recalls or even loss of market access. Our expert-powered databases ensure you don't miss key details.


  • Automate the various industrial hygiene calculations and data


Notwithstanding existing regulations limiting the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in automotive refinishing products and architectural coatings, Environment Canada recently implemented the Regulations Limiting the Concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds for Certain Products: SOR/2021-268.

Our software is designed to give you this concentration with a detailed report and thus tell you in a few seconds if your product complies with Environment Canada requirements.

Our software will also do all your calculations for you to assess the acute toxicity, ATE of your mixture for oral absorption, skin absorption, gas inhalation, vapors and/or mist if applicable.

This will give you the final LD50 and CL50 data. You will no longer have to worry about finding the DIVS, VECD and VEMP etc. since they will be reported automatically in the form of a detailed table.


  • Multiple one-click reports


  • Your classes and categories according to the HPR
  • Your classes and categories according to the TDG
  • Search for CAS # in your products and %
  • Search for CAS # in your raw materials and %
  • VOC calculation
  • Complete checklist requested by Health Canada


Stay organized and proactive in OHS


  • Safe storage at your fingertips and reduction of accidents


Obtain complete reports of your hazardous materials according to your plants, warehouses, cabinets and even according to the precise shelf of your products stored in a safe manner.

Five levels of precision for your best protection.

Multi-user access to maximize occupational health and safety and Multi-site reports such as:

  • Incompatibilites
  • Opening and expiry dates
  • Classes reports
  • Quantity per location
  • Storage Suggestions


  • Facilitate the management - hosting of your SDS / SDS


Access your SDS 24/7 from your web portal.

Our online SDS management service keeps your safety data sheets up to date, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that your SDS inventory is up to date and compliant in addition to allowing you to produce your labels with an embedded QR Code.

Do you have an incident with one of your products? No more searching for the SDS, a simple scan of the QR code on the label will open the SDS!



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