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SDS Authoring Software & Management Solutions

1 Software - 3 Distinct Modules


Fully modular, our SDS software is a cloud software solution–SaaS. (Software as a service)

With an online portal accessible 24/7 on a secure server, the online access, through a personal account, ensures compatibility, regardless of the computer used.

Our SDS software will be able to adjust to your reality and meet a multitude of regulatory needs regarding the marketing and storage of your chemical products / hazardous materials so that they are in complete compliance.

When your needs change, adding features is easy. Our different independent, but interrelated, modules will save you valuable time and allow you to have all your documents in one place.

SDS Management Software

Be compliant 24/7 by giving workers access to an intuitive electronic SDS binder. Print your labels in one click.

SDS Authoring Software

Accessible 24/7, our safety data sheet auhoring software - SDS was developed by senior chemists, specialized in regulatory affairs.

Chemical Storage Software

Accessible 24/7, our software allows you to store your chemicals / hazardous materials safely.

Safety data sheet management software - SDS


Access your SDS 24/7 from your web portal.


Our online safety data sheet SDS management software will give you:


  • A summary page for each of your products with its complete WHMIS classification,
  • An inventory of your SDSs up to date
  • An archive for obsolete versions.

All the information is in one place, which will save you time and give you peace of mind.

Do you know that according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), section 51, paragraph 13 or according to the Canadian Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety (CROHS) article 10.3, you are required to have a list which brings together all your classified dangerous products to properly inform your workers and its health and safety committee of the potential dangers?

The employer must keep a register of dangerous materials used, produced or handled in the workplace, or stored in this place for use.

Our SDS management software will allow you to print this list with all your products classified according to WHMIS in a few seconds. You will also be able to produce a second list of your products, which is classified according to the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG).

The Hazardous Products Information Regulation (HPIR) also requires that for each dangerous product, whether it comes from external or internal sources, an SDS must be present and accessible in the workplace.

According to the HPIR, section 17 and section 20 or according to the Canadian Labor Code (CLC) section 125.1 e, safety data sheets - SDS must be present and kept in the workplace and must be easily accessible for consultation by employees.

Our SDS management software will easily make you compliant with the previously mentioned regulations and allow you to produce or reproduce as many labels as you want. The labels printed from our software are enhanced with an integrated QR Code.

Have you had an incident with one of your products? No more searching for the SDS, a simple scan of the QR code on the label will allow you to open the SDS in a fraction of a second.


Our SDS Management Software’s Main Advantages


  • Very competitive price
  • Intuitive
  • Bilingual interface
  • Advanced technology
  • Unlimited access
  • Allows printing of workplace labels
  • Allows printing of full WHMIS label
  • Generates QR codes to facilitate access to your SDSs
  • No installation is required
  • Integrated archive system
  • Reports of your WHMIS classes available
  • Complies with OSHA requirements
  • Compliant with the CROHS
  • Complies with HPIR requirements
  • Data entry by qualified chemists
  • Ideal for your regulatory needs
  • Multiple users
  • Flexible
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