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Chemicals Storage Software


For your Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) concerning hazardous materials, stay organized and proactive with our Chemicals storage software.


The storage of hazardous materials represents a colossal challenge for many companies because of its very complex nature.

Do you know how to properly store your hazardous materials?

When chemicals have only one hazard such as flammable liquid, the task can be relatively simple. However, do you know what to do if your hazardous materials/chemicals are both flammable liquids and corrosive?

If your hazardous materials are corrosive, do you know how to distinguish whether they are acids or bases?

Which of the hazards is predominant, flammable liquids or corrosive liquids?

What to do if the hazardous material is both toxic and an oxidizer?

Should you store your dangerous materials according to the WHMIS classification of the Hazardous Product Regulations or according to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations?

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What jurisdiction are you under, federal or provincial?

What to do with your compressed gases or your dangerously reactive materials?

What regulations, laws or codes must you follow?

  • The National Fire Code of Canada NFCC
  • The occupational health and safety Act
  • Your province’s health and safety regulations
  • The building code
  • Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/86-304)
  • Do your insurance companies have any special requirements?
  • Etc.


These are just some of the questions you will need to ask yourself.

As an employer, remember that the storage and handling of hazardous materials must be carried out in such a way as to prevent spillage or accidental ignition.

So, to be compliant, reduce incidents, save precious time and have peace of mind, entrust our expert chemist with your storage of hazardous materials using our competitively priced software.


Rent our Chemicals storage software for your Hazmat



Mainly because it was designed and thought out by experienced chemists in the classification and storage of hazardous materials. Experts with many years of experience validate it.

Our software offers the safe storage of your hazardous materials within your reach and a substantial reduction in accidents thanks to:

  • A dynamic, bilingual, and user-friendly interface
  • A 24/7 accessibility from anywhere
  • Get real-time visibility into compliance metrics with our sophisticated charts and reports.
    • Triage code / Location
    • Quantity per location
    • Incompatibility reports
    • Report of opening and expiry dates
    • WHMIS Classes report
    • TDG Classes report
    • Classes reports according to The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 29 CFR
    • Class reports according to DOT - USA
    • Storage suggestions
  • Efficient data storage: centralize your data
  • Regular software updates: Stay informed of change in regulations with our automatic software updates.
  • Risk-based location assessment
  • Obtain complete reports of your hazardous materials according to your warehouse, room, cabinets and even the precise shelf of your safely stored products.
  • Five levels of precision for better protection.
  • Multi-site reports
  • Multi-user access to maximize health and safety at work
  • More than a competitive price


Need training to better understand the complexity of the task?

We have comprehensive training on the safe storage of hazardous materials. You can access the training plan here.

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