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Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR), 2001

Complete service to comply with CCCR and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements


Need help marketing your chemical products in stores and big-box retailers in Canada or the United States?

We can help you comply with CCCR and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements by offering the following services:


  • Sale compliance validation
  • Chemical classification training
  • CCCR and/or CPSC labels authoring
  • Final assembly of your labels ready for printing
  • Health Canada checklist
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) calculations
  • Flashback and length of the flame projection tests
  • Regulatory toxicity calculations
  • Authoring reports for your government audits
  • Import/Export compliance of chemicals
  • Child-resistant container compliance validation
  • Compliance validation according to the Competition Bureau
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CCCR training

CCCR expert

Need CCCR training?


Our training aims to support companies selling hazardous products to Canadian consumers under the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR). Each participant will learn to master all the steps in order to properly complete the checklist required by Health Canada. We will evaluate each of the five classes: toxic, corrosive, flammable products, adhesives that quickly stick to the skin as well as pressurized containers


We also deal with the following subjects:


  • Classification of the mixture according to the 5 hazard classes
  • Definitions and interpretation
  • Precedence of credible data sources
  • Prohibitions Verification of the presence of substances of particular interest
  • Acute Toxicity Assessment (ATE) calculations for mixtures
  • Mandatory requirements and information according to hazard classes
  • Criteria required for child-resistant packaging
  • Leak test of containers
  • Resources available to perform the splash and flashback tests required by Health Canada
  • Steps to follow in the event of recalls, complaints and incidents in accordance with Health Canada requirements
  • Computer tool for writing your RPCCC labels and toxicity reports (Kalium's software)


The CCCR training also includes practical classification and label preparation exercises. We favor playful learning using games and teaching materials. Each participant will receive a training booklet for future reference and a training certificate. Achievement of goals and skills A series of exercises will measure, evaluate and validate the achievement of objectives and skills for all participants. A workbook is included in the training. Participants will also receive a training book for future reference. During this training, participants will have access to Kalium Solutions software. It is important to note that the training focuses on approaches for properly classifying hazardous materials and associated hazards. The methods taught are applicable to different IT tools and do not depend on specific software.

Participants will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in this training using the tools present in their workplace.


Who is this CCCR training for?

If you produce or need to evaluate chemicals sold to consumers in retail outlets, this training becomes a must. Here are some issues and questions related to this course. If you question any of the following questions in the context of your work, training on dangerous materials according to the CCCR is certainly relevant to properly carry out your professional functions. Remember that hazard assessment begins with knowing the risks associated with a hazardous product.

  • Are you able to identify hazardous compounds in a mixture?
  • Would you be able to recognize the wrong security labels?
  • Do you know where to find the missing information to intervene more effectively?
  • Do you know the tests to assess physical hazards?
  • Do you know the databases used to collect information on the health hazards of a chemical compound or mixture?
  • Do you know the legal repercussions of an incorrect label?
  • Do you know the leak tests for containers?
  • Do you know the prohibitions regarding Canadian and American consumer products?
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